“Ou peut-être une nuit »: the powerful new podcast by Louie Media that explores the deeply engrained silence around child sexual abuse

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“Ou peut-être une nuit »: the powerful new podcast by Louie Media that explores the deeply engrained silence around child sexual abuse

Little by little, women are speaking up to denounce violence they experienced during their childhood, from family members. However, the silence around the subject remains extremely present. In France, the statistics illustrate a troubling reality:

  • 2 to 3 children per class are survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • 7 to 10% of the population has suffered intra-familial rape during childhood.
  • Victims are 9 years old, on average, when this abuse begins.
  • 98% of aggressors are men.

To break the deeply engrained silence around child sexual abuse, Louie Media, supported by the Kering Foundation, has launched the season 2 of Injustices, a podcast that shine a light on structural injustices. This new podcast series, Ou peut-être une nuit (Or maybe one night), created by Charlotte Pudlowski and directed by Anna Buy, mixes personal stories, testimonies and political analysis.

The podcast creator, Charlotte Pudlowski, begins with her own mother's story, a survivor of incest. She embarks on a journey to investigate what kept her mother and so many other victims silent for so long.


"Violence against women and violence against children are connected in numerous ways. A first step towards the prevention of such violence is to talk about it. But breaking the silence incest, the most taboo of taboos, requires sensitivity and empathy. While listening to survivors and experts, Charlotte Pudlowski subtly manages to question our society on the unacceptable persistence of this violence."
Céline Bonnaire, Executive Director of the Kering Foundation


On October 3, Louie Media will be organizing a round table event with experts, to provide listeners with a toolkit to take action and support survivors, in the form of an audio guide

Listen to the podcast, in French, here: https://louiemedia.com/injustices-2/ou-peut-etre-une-nuit

The Kering Foundation supports actions breaking the intergenerational cycle to protect children

Professionals at La Maison des Femmes found many women accessing their services had experienced abuse in childhood. According to the World Health Organization, 20% of women and between 5 and 10% of men report having been sexually abused as children. 80% were victims of incest. In order to respond to this unacceptable reality, the Foundation supported the opening of a new unit at La Maison des Femmes to focus on the therapeutic treatment of adults who have been abused as children .The Foundation also extends its support to l’Association Internationale des Victimes de l'Inceste - AIVI (International Organization of Incest survivors) in France which fights against incest and pedocriminality while providing support to the survivors.

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Ou peut-être une nuit realization & credits:

  • Presentation, writing, interviews: Charlotte Pudlowski
  • Director: Anna Buy
  • Production manager: Mélissa Bounoua
  • Original music: Jean Thévenin, with Raphaël Ankierman
  • Illustration: Marie Larrivée