#16Days16Films: An evening honoring survivors

#16Days16Films: An evening honoring survivors
16 Days 16 Films

Last night, December 16th, 2019, the Kering Foundation and its partner Modern Films gathered NGOs, activists and film industry professionals to screen the 16 finalists of the 16 Days 16 Films campaign, which highlights short films by female-identifying filmmakers on the theme of violence against women.

“These 16 powerful films convey the complex realities of violence that women around the world face and its lasting effects from generation to generation. We are grateful for the work these filmmakers have done, to bring topics like female genital mutilation to the forefront. We hope this year’s 16 Days 16 Films campaign not only raises awareness but also mobilizes others towards collective action, supporting activists and specialist organizations.”

- Céline Bonnaire, Executive director of the Kering Foundation

The winning film, The Third Sorrow, directed by Myriam Raja, is the story of a Nigerian immigrant and single mother, Yejide, who is preparing for her daughter’s cutting ceremony. As maternal instinct and duty come into conflict, she begins to question the tradition and her daughter’s future.

The runners-up:

  • Kedamono, directed by Antonella Fabiano and Chiara Speziale
  • Waves, directed by Jessie Ayles.

The 13 finalists:

  • Calling Home, Jade Jackman
  • Franca, Antonella Barbera and Patrizia Fazzi
  • Futurist Women, Eelyn Lee
  • I'm Left Silent, Daisy Evans
  • Jeanne, Clémence Peloso
  • Keepsake, Helena Coan
  • Last Leg, Ella Bennett
  • Naked Links, Juliette Saint-Sardos
  • Rèsce La Lune, Giulia Di Battista and Gloria Kurnik
  • Surf Girls Jamaica, Lucy Jane and Joya Berrow
  • The Waria of Java, Ana Gonzalez
  • Uncut - Women's War Against Female Genital Mutilations, Emanuela Zuccala and Simona Ghizzoni
  • Womxn, Adrien Gystere Peskine and Eden Tinto Collins

Watch all 16 finalist films online until December 24th, 2019 here.

This year, 16 Days 16 Films received nearly 150 submissions, with the campaign including entries from France and Italy, along with the UK. All films submitted are 25 minutes or under, directed by female-identifying filmmakers and say something significant about gender-based abuse.

The independent jury was made up of Actress Thandie Newton, Director Alice Winocour, Executive Director of the Kering Foundation Céline Bonnaire, Creative Director Modern Films Betty Aldous, Actress Jodie Whittaker, Broadcaster Edith Bowman, Head of Special Projects Obscured Pictures Julie La’Bassiere, Editor in Chief Elle France Katell Pouliquen, Partnerships Manager UKSNM Sarah D’Angelis and Advocate and Activist Marai Larasi.

Ginta Gelvan, Communications Director at Modern Films, noted: “We’re delighted to announce the winners of our 16 Days 16 Films Competition - which has highlighted such incredible female filmmaking talent. The campaign aims to raise awareness on the many forms that violence against women can take, through the power and truth of film. We aim to ignite conversation around the issue, champion the cause, and inspire more emerging female filmmakers to feel empowered on their journey.”

More about 16 Days 16 Films

16 Films 16 Days was created in line with UN Women’s global campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, which runs from November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to December 10th, International Human Rights Day.

The aim is two-fold, working towards a more equitable world:

  • To support 16 Days of Activism’s goal to push for change and accountability and eliminate violence against women.
  • To help combat gender inequality by creating opportunities for female filmmakers to have their stories seen.

16 Days 16 Films takes place in association with European partners Chayn in Italy, an open source platform that addresses gender-based violence by providing tools, information and support to women survivors, and En avant toute(s) in France, an organization working for gender equality and the end of gender-based violence, by fighting stereotypes and supporting survivors, as well as the national campaign UK Says No More.

“For us at Chayn Italia, talking about violence means talking about female empowerment; it means giving back voice to women who have come out of violence; it means making women who still live situations of violence feel that they are not alone. Participating in the #16days16films initiative is a unique opportunity to discover many different, strong and innovative narratives. These short films are an example of how movies and filmmaking can be a powerful tool to combat violence against women.” Chayn Italia

“The caliber of films submitted for this year’s 16 Days 16 Films Competition has been extraordinary. To end gender-based violence, we first have to name it, to be able to understand the impact of it. These films – cut through the noise of life and slam reality into your soul, they make you sit up and take note. Knowing that only by working together we can end domestic abuse and sexual violence.” Lyndsey Dearlove, Head of UK SAYS NO MORE.

Watch the films online until December 24th, 2019 here and follow the campaign on social media with #16Days16Films.