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"Esclavage Tolérance Zéro"

Combatting human trafficking

The association Esclavage Tolérance Zéro (ETZ, Zero Tolerance for Slavery) is devoted to the defence of victims of human trafficking in all its forms (domestic slavery, bonded labour, prostitution, forced beggary, forced marriages...). ETZ identifies, shelters and assists victims of modern slavery. ETZ coordinates its own actions with other players in contact with modern slavery victims and takes part in public awareness and information initiatives.

A victim of human trafficking is a person who has been deprived of freedom and lived an experience of extreme violence, as an object of exploitation, enslavement and physical abuse. Such victims, often of foreign origin, are fragilised by a situation of broken relations with their family and cultural environment, and generally live in great isolation. ETZ identifies and assist victims of modern slavery to help them rebuild their life and reintegrate society, and prosecutes their exploiters.

Esclavage Tolérance Zéro
Fight against Modern Slavery
Start date:
September 2010
End date:
September 2011
Victims of human trafficking