NGO partnership
Hong Kong SAR
HER Fund, combating domestic violence in Hong Kong

The Kering Corporate Foundation has embarked on a three-year partnership with HER Fund. As part of the partnership, the Kering Foundation will provide financial support to fund innovative projects run by women’s rights organizations in Hong Kong to address domestic violence issues and empower marginalized women. To ensure the effective implementation of projects, and in addition to this funding, HER Fund will also run workshops and training sessions for these women’s rights organizations.

Kering and HER Fund believe that the most effective way to address the needs of these women is to give them a voice, and enable them to create their own solutions to reduce domestic violence in their communities.

Upon completion, the partners’ programme is expected to have implemented at least three innovative and effective projects that empower women to combat domestic violence.

Hong Kong SAR
Start date:
May 2016