MovingWorlds is proud to support women empowerment initiatives all over the world through the Solidarity Leave Program. By working directly with local communities, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs, we aim to address and contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals to create real, lasting change in the world.

Partner support type: 

Once you’ve identified an interest in working with MovingWorlds, a member of our team will guide you through our innovative matching process allowing you to review and speak with various organizations to find the best fit for your interest and skills. Together with the host organization and MovingWorlds, we’ll support you through the planning process, including a virtual training session, to make sure you have a safe trip that makes a real, lasting impact.

Partner mission type: 

Small artisan makers, businesses, and employees face a wide range of challenges, and with your skills, you can empower local social good organizations and their employees to improve their own livelihoods. Unlike other programs, we do not have pre-existing “voluntourism” projects staffed by other westerners. Our process is focused on ethical, sustainable, and impactful missions which are shaped around an organization’s actual needs, its growth stage, and your experience. Whether you come from a creative background or are technically-inclined, our matching and planning process will leverage your background to empower women and artisans in meaningful ways.


Past missions have included:

  • Leading executive training sessions for female social entrepreneurs
  • Advising on and support marketing campaigns for fair-trade fashion with women-led NGOs
  • Creating video and photography portfolios for women empowerment initiatives
  • Consulting on operational and supply chain projects for sustainable fashion
  • Streamlining and integrating accounting systems
  • Developing a sales strategy to expand into new markets

See a selection of missions here before applying, and you can request a consultation with a member of our team here to learn more before applying to the Solidarity Leave Program with MovingWorlds.

Partner location: 

MovingWorlds’s network of organizations operates all over the world and across craft-types and industries. Placement locations available for Kering employees will be in Asia and Central and South America. Popular locations include India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Peru, Cambodia, and Colombia.

Languages required: 

Most missions on MovingWorlds are with English-speaking teams. However, it is always useful to have some understanding of a second language such as Spanish and French to connect with the broader community where the host organization is based. All missions will specify the language requirement.

Mission preparation: 

After you apply to the program, MovingWorlds will guide you through all the steps to plan a safe, high-impact trip. Total preparation time is estimated to be 8-10 hours prior to departure for the trip and 2-4 additional hours after you return to share stories of your experience along with the completion of a survey. All materials will be in English.


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