Nest is a nonprofit organization committed to the social and economic advancement of global artisans and homeworkers through supply chain transparency, sustainable business development and widespread industry advocacy. In partnership with philanthropic institutions and pioneering brand leaders, Nest is redefining ‘handmade’ as a hallmark of value and empowering women in underserved communities to build lives of greater prosperity. Much of Nest’s work is made possible through the work of talented professional volunteers, who Nest directly connects with artisans in need of training, guidance and mentorship.

Partner support type: 

Once a volunteer fellow is matched to a specific mission, Nest prepares volunteers with details on the artisan business he/she has been matched with; location and cultural geography details; half day training on best practices for artisan engagement; and an overview of mission deliverables. Nest puts volunteer fellows and their artisan business match directly in touch for an introductory Skype, moderated by Nest. During a fellow’s mission onsite, Nest will maintain on-going check-ins with volunteer fellows to ensure a supportive and positive mission experience. All preparatory materials are delivered in English.

Partner mission type: 

Across the global artisan landscape, small artisan businesses face similar barriers to growth and ability to better compete in the global market. The following core needs are the most commonly faced issues encountered by artisan businesses are likely to be focuses for volunteer missions:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Brand Identity: Voice & Storytelling
  • Website Design & Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Design & Product Elevation
  • Product Styling
  • Lookbook creation
Partner location: 

Nest works with more than 170 global artisan businesses across 40 countries. Missions exist within a wide variety of geographies and across diverse craft types. Kering employees are currently offered placements specifically in:


Languages required: 

The vast majority of artisan business leaders speak proficient English. Placements with specific language requirements will be noted as such within mission descriptions.

Mission preparation: 

For placement match, employees will be asked to submit an application and CV (see Each fellow will be asked to take part in at least two video conversations with the artisan business partner (1 hours each), coordinated by Nest, to collaboratively refine the volunteer work plan and to discuss specifics about the mission goals.

Nest provides each fellow with detailed information about the specific artisan business as well as a written guide on in-country placements, and background on the organization and our model. To compliment this preparation kit, Nest provides a half-day training via video conferencing to work through the pre-mission materials, address employee questions, and finalize logistics. Training preparation will take around 6 hours.

Employee membership: 

No. Employees participating through Nest’s Corporate Citizenship Program are not charged a fee for placement.


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