Pro Bono

Pro Bono is an opportunity to share your expertise with a social entrepreneur or NGOsupporting women's cause. You participate by becoming a mentor – contributing your personal knowledge or skill set to an individual or team in need of that expertise. Supervised by the Foundation staff, mentoring involves  meeting with the social entrepreneur or NGO at least once every three months for a full year, to provide the support and guidance they need to grow their business. 

How is mentoring organised?

Kering employees who serve as mentors are granted 6 days a year (or 12 half-day) to fulfil their mentoring mission. If desired, mentors may also donate their own unpaid time to provide additional support to the project.

How are mentors selected?

The Kering Foundation  reaches out to employees whose professional experience matches a need identified by a social enterprise or NGO.  Alternatively, employees may contact the Foundation to express interest in becoming a mentor.  Once an employee is matched to a social entrepreneur or NGO, he or she becomes a mentor, providing guidance to the project entrepreneur on matters of strategic importance within a given business field or function, e.g. design, distribution, and marketing. Close collaboration between the mentor and project entrepreneur is essential for the process to be fruitful.

What is a social entrepreneur?

A Social Entrepreneur develops a business project aimed at delivering a social beneficit. Social entrepreneurs use innovative methods to deliver goods or services in response to societal challenges: lack of inclusion for vulnerable populations or the need to secure fair income for producers.